Hair Removal

Waxing Sugaring Threading

Brow Shaping $15 $15 $20

Lip $10 $10 $10

Chin $10 $10 $10

Cheek $10 $10 $10

Sideburns $10 $10 $10

Hairline $10 $10 $10

Nose $10

Ears $10

Full Face $45 $45 $45

Full Face w/ Brows $55 $55 $65

Neck $10 $10

Underarms $15 $15

Half Arm $25 $30

Full Arm $40 $45

Chest $30 $35

Stomach $30 $35

Stomach Strip $15 $15

Bikini Line $30 $35

Full Frontal Bikini $40 $45

Brazilian $45 $60

BROzilian $80 $100

Full Butt $30 $35

Inner Back Side $15 $15

Inner Thigh $15 $15

Half Leg $40 $50

Full Leg $75 $80

Lashes & Tinting

Classic Full Set:

1 lash extension per natural lash

Full Set $125

2 week Fill $45

3 Week Fill $70

Hybrid Lashes:

A mixture of volume and classic lash extensions

Full Set $ 150

2 Week Fill $58

3 Week Fill $80

Volume Full Set:

2-4 lash extensions per natural lash

  Full Set $175

2 Week Fill $70

3 Week Fill $90

Mega Volume Full Set:

5-10 lash extensions per natural lash

Full Set $225

2 Week Fill $80

3 Week Fill $115Lash Lift $70

Lash Lift and tint $90

Lash Lift $70

Lash Tinting $25

Brow Tinting $20

Skin & Body Care

Express Facial $55: Great for all skin types this facial will get you all the basic needs to start you on a skin care regimen.

Cell Renewal $100: The perfect solution for tired dull skin. We use plant stem cells and algae extracts to revitalize your collagen production, dissolve dead skin cells, and fight fine lines and dark spots.

Acne Purifying $120: This facial is desinged to help treat and prevent acne. Extractions, High Frequency, Enzymes and Treatment masking will not only clear you skin but keep it clear.

Dermaplaning $80: A heavy exfoliation using a sterile surgical blade. Best for fighting fine lines, acne scaring, and removing peach fuzz. Skin is infused with vitamins and plant stem cells for a glowing finish.

Dermaplaning with Peel $120

Oxygen Facial $85: Oxygen molecules carry active ingredients into the skin to reveal brighter glowing skin.

Aqua Facial $125: This 5 step facial is perfect for resurfacing and extracting the skin. Great for all skin types and custom for each individual. Skin is left glowing and clean while fighting fine lines and clogged pores!

Chemical Peel $120: The skin is chemically damaged in a controled way to reveal fresh beautiful skin. Great for acne scars, pore size, and fine lines.

Microchanneling $225: Microchannels are created in the skin using Procell technologies. The skin uses its healing properties to eliminate hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne scaring, and reduce pore size. Best results after a series of 3 treatments performed every 2-3 weeks apart.

Carboxy Therapy $150: Carboxy Therapy is a procedure that uses carbon dioxide to get rid of stretch marks, cellulite and scars, as well as plumping the skin. Cellular respiration is increased and cell turnover is promoted.

BB Glow $275: BB Glow is one of the latest beauty microneedling treatments while using a semi-permanent BB cream and serum into the skin. BB Glow is made with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and other natural anti-aging nutrients that gives your skin a youthful and dewy glow.

Ultimate BB GLOW $300: All the benifits of BB Glow including a carboxy treatment.

Skin Tightening: Using Procell Therapies, we utilize the skins natural healing properties to regenerate and restore the collagen and elastin in the skin causing the skin to beome more plump and taunt.

Abdomen $350

Thighs $375

Arms $300

Neck and Jaw $275

Stretch mark reduction: Using procell Therapies, we utilize growth factors and cellular regeneration to eliminate stretch marks and restore the skins texture and firmness.

Abdomen $300

Back $350

Arms $275

Body Acne Treatment: Clear unwanted acne on the back and shoulders with this relaxing and affective treatment.

Spray Tans: $40