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Lash Care


Protecting the health of your natural lashes while achieving your desired look is our priority.


We offer several lash services designed to enhance your natural lashes or to add all the drama you could ask for. Our lash extensions range from classic to mega volume. We exclusively use Borboleta lash products. We have found that with the proper training these products provide us with the best retention.

During your lash session we will educate you on how to best care for your new extensions. The one thing to remember is that clean lashes are happy lashes. We recommend purchasing a lash bath product to help keep them clean without affecting the adhesive bond. We also carry cute sleep masks and serums to keep your natural lashes strong and protected.


“Lash lifts are the hottest trend to enhance your natural lashes.”

— Sheena


Lash lifting is a process where we chemically alter the curl pattern of the natural lashes. It typically lasts 6-8 weeks, depending on the natural shedding of the lashes. It is a great way to enhance your natural features with little commitment!

Many people add tinting onto the lash lift for a mascara type effect. Tinting can be performed on the lashes without lifting as well.