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Full Body Waxing

The perfect wax experience is at your fingertips.



At KiKi Beauty Bar we strive to provide you with a thorough, quick, yet effective waxing service that is as painless as possible. We use organic waxes containing ingredients that will nourish and hydrate the skin while grabbing every hair. Our methods provide you a comfortable service with great conversation! Our technicians offer head to toe waxing for both men and women.

While we focus on using hard wax that cools and is removed alone, we also carry soft wax for larger body parts such as full legs. Soft wax is rolled onto the skin and removed using a cloth strip. Both methods will remove the hair by the root leaving your skin smooth and glowing. All natural sugaring is also a popular hair removal method we use.

We recommend waxing facial features and underarms every 2 weeks. Body services are best to be performed every 3-6 weeks. Our goal is to get your hairs on the same growth cycle, and provide you with hairs that are thinner, patchy, and less likely to produce ingrown hairs.


Exfoliation is the single best anti-aging treatment you can do for your skin.

While waxing can soften and thin out the hairs, we also recommend adopting a regular exfoliation routine. An exfoliate should be used every other day to prevent the build up of dead skin. We carry a few different products designed to help for every budget! Our Ingrowns Gone will dissolve dead skin using natural plant and fruit acids. It is gentle enough to be used head to toe. Sweet Spot exfoliator is an organic, cruelty free, exfoliating scrub specially designed for the body.